you do know how to whistle, don’t you?


You just put your lips together…. and blow.


Can you whistle? If you can, well, can you hear? 

Recently Sara tweeted that she was learning to whistle and this made me laugh as I can’t whistle either. My dad spent many hours trying to teach me. I could make a little noise, and a better one breathing in – but whistling a tune or even two notes one after the other? I could never do that and the whistly noise that I did manage to make was very inconsistent.  Mind you I also had trouble with the whole notion of blowing my nose, and sneezing. I have a weird sneeze.  Anyway apart from causing my dad to giggle, my whistling career never took off.  I didn’t worry to much as my mum can’t whistle either. Mind you she’s deaf too. The men in my family whistled, obviously a manly task. 

Sara has the same CI as I do, a different electrode but otherwise we are CI twins.  She has a similar hearing loss to me too so the whistling comment piqued my interest. I tried whistling right there and then and discovered that by moving my lips slightly I could make different sounds. Without my CI of course there is no sound. 

So, I’ve been thinking that perhaps I have never heard the really high noises such as whistling, or squeaks when scraping ice from the car, or fingernails on blackboards. It’s not a problem to me, I just wondered.


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  1. I must admit I whistle every night for the cat to come in. He ignores me and the raccoons pretend come in instead. You win; you lose!

    Thank you for sharing your story! I spotted a man in one of my CranFest videos with a CI. I was so proud of myself that I knew what it was!!!! Funnily enough, he was in front of the band concert, trying to avoid it!

  2. I like to whistle and I was pretty good at it when I was a kid. After I got my CI, I tried it again to see if I could hear it and to see if I still could. It was pretty exciting to hear that first tweet and even better I could hear and carry a tune.

  3. My Grandpa taught me to whistle. I like to whistle a tune now and then for my own entertainment.

    Now that I have hearing aids, anytime I need to whistle (to get someone’s attention) I can just cover my ears, ha ha.

    • You must get some volume up there Sarah! I’ve never been able to hear my whistling as well as I can now with the CI. Even with all my previous assorted aids I could only hear a tiny noise. So no need to cover my ears.

    • I think perhaps you do. I had the same problem it seems. The cat could hear but I couldn’t, and when you can’t hear you can’t refine it and become and world class concert whistler.. 😉

  4. I’ve never been able to whistle. I have a big gap in between my front teeth so the air just flows through it. It has never caused me any concern though, a the sound of whistling really annoys me. When Gee whistles at home it sets my teeth on edge, much like the ice scraper!

    • I think whistling is probably very annoying. Nice to be able to do it though I am giving it up as it wrinkles my mouth up and I want to save £££ on wrinkle creams

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