3 months with a CI, test results


I had some tests today.

When I was assessed for suitability for a CI I scored 37% on a “sentences in quiet” test. That’s when you sit in a soundproofed room, a certain distance from a speaker which plays a recording of a male voice repeating sentences. The volume is set at a specific level. You wear your hearing aids set at their optimum levels.

Today I had several tests and scored:

Sentences in quiet with moderate to loud volume         95%

Sentences in noise with moderate to loud                     96%

Sentences in quiet with quiet speech                             93%

Male and female voices in quiet                                     89%

Male and female voices with background noise              52%

Words only, in quiet                                                     72%

Sounds, ie on the right lines but wrong word                 88%


You can see the importance of context in understanding speech.  A word alone and the score is 72%. Within a sentence the score leaps up to 95%.  You can also see the effect of background noise on understanding with a huge drop from 95% to 52%.

One sentence was “The milk is in the pitcher”. I heard “The milk is in the picture” and thought that I hadn’t understood the sentence, why would the milk be in a picture? Then I realised that the word was pitcher. In Britain we would use the word “jug”. Pitcher is used rarely.  You can see how you have to be thinking and analysing all the time in order to understand what is being said.

So, a very good visit. Some more volume was added with no other adjustments to the map.  I exchanged a cable that connects the word processor to a radio or MP3 thingy as mine doesn’t seem to be working properly. I will try that out sometime.

Oh, and yesterday I had my HA adjusted. The high frequency volumes were moved down so that the sound in that side became more comfortable. That seemed to make an improvement over what I could hear as when I came home I noticed that I could hear the kitten squeak for the first time.

Edited to add this audiogram chart showing my unaided hearing in the right ear, before and after implantation. Very little difference except in the 25o range, so the Med-El Flexsoft electrode does preserve residual hearing.

audi pre and post


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    • Molly is cute. Short legs, tiny, timid. She squeaks she doesn’t meow. She hides from the vacuum cleaner and any loud noises. Bless her

      Big Mog is fine and just about tolerating the kitten

  1. That’s an interesting pair of before-and-after audiogram curves; but the numbers are a bit hard to read. Do you have a larger version you could edit & drop in, or post here in the comments?

    Also, are you using the DUET 2 EAS system; or the OPUS 2?

    You may not know the answers to these next questions, but they will be quite helpful to me as I figure out which CI to get; and although I have a lot of user feedback from AB & Nuke users (including my girlfriend who has an N24 with Freedom 3G upgrade),I have precious little information from MedEl users. You may need to shoot an email to your surgeon or CI audie to get the answers.

    Did you get the Pulsar or Sonata implant?

    More importantly, did you get the 31.6mm electrode with floating placement, or the 25mm electrode with perimodional placement?

  2. Hi thanks for posting. I’m sorry but I don’t have time to repost the numbers but I am sure that you can adjust the magnification that you are viewing at to see them better. I’ll go back and see if I can adjust the image from here too.

    I have a Maestro system with Opus 2 and Sonata implant. The electrode is the FlexSoft, which may not be available in the USA yet.

    • Yes, the FlexSoft has been available in the USA since at least June, when they had it on display at the HLAA convention. I also stopped by their US headquarters in Durham, NC.

      Did you get the 31.6mm electrode with floating placement, or the 25mm electrode with perimodional placement? That is what I’m trying to determine: How destructive is the perimodional placement vs the more atraumatic floating placement.

      • The website says the flexsoft is similar to the regular electrode and that it is 31.6mm long.

        I have no idea of the differences between the placement methods and have no intention of bothering the surgeon with an email on the subject.

        BTW do please and thank you figure in your vocabulary or do you just demand answers from everyone?

        I’m always happy to help anyone who asks for more information but I find you questions have a rather demanding tone.

  3. Fab results! I’m very impressed. My understanding is that although a CI implantee may achieve 100% hearing, they may not achieve 100% understanding but improve this percentage over time – does understanding ever get to 100% or is this a lifelong process, do you think?

    • It probably never reaches 100% in real life, but then most hearing people with ‘normal’ ears don’t acheive that. All I know is that I am hearing more than I have done for so many years and it just feels normal.

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