this is why I am scared to use the phone


I’m off sick today from a week of training at a hospital some 50km from here. There’s a bakery nearby that makes great gluten free cakes and I have ordered some to be collected today.  There’s not way I am up to driving that far so I thought I should try and ring them to let them know I wouldn’t be there.

The number on the receipt went to another place. I said that I was deaf and needed them to speak more slowly/clearly etc.

Guess what, they put the phone down on me.  I tried again and they impatiently gave me the number I needed.  Numbers are hard on the phone so I had to repeat them back several times. What a grumpy miserable man.

I told him that it was the same as kicking out a walking stick from someone leaning on it. I bet he doesn’t understand one little bit.

When I did get through to the cake place they were fine. The trouble is you remember the shits more than the nice people as the shits are the ones who leave you shaking and crying. Morons the lot of them.


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  1. Name and shame!
    Idiots like that deserve to be humiliated and taught a lesson.
    Don’t underestimate the power of the blog!

    Aside from that, despite the unpleasant fool, well done you. Well done for taking the bull by the horns and actually doing it and what’s more, you accomplished what you set out to do!

  2. Oh Mog, I know, I know and bravo to you for doing it.

    If your CI came with a direct connect – please give it a try on the phone. You might be surprised at how clear the words are. If not, find out if you can get one. Really, you are doing so well, don’t let this little bump knock you down.

    • Hi Glenice. I won’t let it get to me. The cake people themselves were lovely, they always are.

      I’m trying just the usual setting on the CI as I don’t want to have to chop and change gadgets and lines etc. But maybe I should try the T swtich and connectors.

      Will have a think

  3. You did well – moron or not!! It’s been ages since I spoke on the phone. I also hate it when people hang up on TypeTalk (now Text Relay) when they haven’t even started the chat.

  4. Mog,

    You probably won’t have to use the gadgets forever. I used my direct connect on the phone the first year and then learned to hold the phone up to my microphone on my BTE. I do believe that using the direct connect that first year helped retrain my brain to listen and comprehend the consonants that I had been lip reading. It also blocks out the background sound so you can focus on the voice at the other end of the line.

    I hated the messing around with cords and things too and with time learned to use my CI without a lot of fuss.

  5. Ahhh ((big hugs)) There are sooo many morons out there. I hate using Typetalk for this reason, also because they can’t cope with automated services. Don’t you have WebCapTel in Canada? It’s so good, I had it for 2 years when I worked at Hearing Concern and 98% of people didn’t even guess I was deaf. You guessed it, the 2% were impatient morons who couldn’t wait a few seconds for the text relay and my reading of message/reply. And you’re right, it is the shits that you remember most. I usually have a rant, then a chocolate treat and move on. If I meet / speak to the shit again, I clobber them.

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