it’s not plug and play


A fair few people seem to think that I can hear normally, whatever that is,  maybe like a regular person!  Someone at work this morning said that she was surprised that they still have to email me as “you’ve had your operation”…

I have indeed had the surgery,  and am working hard at hearing, listening and understanding, but I don’t hear like that mythical regular person.  I don’t do much as a regular person would, come to think of it.

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again.  It  takes time. 

Anyway, that’s it. 

PS The lack of photos lately is because I have a spanking new shiny laptop but havent transfered everything over.


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    • Hi Susan. WordPress doesn’t have a “followers” widget the way that blogspot does. I’ve just put an email subscription widget on the blog and will look into RSS feeds – though I don’t understand them as yet.

      I hope this is helpful to you and thank you very much for visiting the blog.

  1. Actually it does have that “follow”-widget but same as with blogspot it is just a platform-internal thing. Meaning that if you have a blogspot account you can use that follow-widget on blogspot blogs. And if you have a wordpress-account you can use the wordpress-internal feature in order to follow other wordpress blogs. You can find it somewhere in your dashboard.

    That said, an rss/xml reader is much more comfortable as it is not confined to a platform, you can compile a daily reading of any blog you read and a lot of other news offers that have an rss-feed, too. I used which is very easy and now am using google reader but there are many more.

    • Hi NQLB. The blogger one allows you to follow whether or not you have blogger account, you can also have a wordpress one. WordPress doesn’t have the widget and only allows other WordPress users to follow. I use Google reader and WordPress and am ok with that but it would be good to be able to help non WordPress users to follow/subscribe to my blog.

      I checked the help thing on WordPress and then got lost in what I should do to add RSS feeds. The widget asks me for http addresses and I haven’t a clue what to put in there. I’ll check out bloglovin and see if that helps,

  2. Great post. Plug and play, it’s true.

    Too many with a childhood based on the 6 million dollar woman! You take care. Remember you have a big community to educate around you. Well done!

  3. Hi Mog,
    From what I’ve been told by others, one has to learn to hear again after having a cochlear implant operation. People I know with a cochlear implant have said it’s hard work and takes time.
    Your work colleague is really uninformed. I don’t know if she realized how tactless her comment was or if she was generally puzzled thinking it was plug and play. Sometimes you just have to roll your eyes (behind their back).

    • She’s generally a tactless person. She was the one who lifted up my hair to see if I had my implant in. Stupid woman.

      After 15years of rolling your eyes behing peoples backs then you feel more like stabbing them through the heart than eye rolling.

      She’s in the minority with her attitude but not with her knowledge. I prefer the people who ask openly and honestly.

  4. I guess for many people it’s too complicated a thought, you know, that someone might go through the trouble of having her head drilled open and a battery-consuming computer inserted — and all for a mere approximation to normal hearing.
    They simply don’t seem to be able to cope with shades of grey.

  5. OMG!!! She lifted up your hair?! How dare she. That’s so rude and an invasion of your personal space.

    Have your colleagues had deaf awareness training? I do it for mine, and will be telling them about a CI in my next session, for the first time. I’m going to tell them I won’t be a hearing person, I will still be deaf, but hard of hearing rather than profoundly deaf. I’m hoping they’ll get it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a dummy CI too. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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