more not plugging and playing and on line hearing tests


It all depends on where you start from doesn’t it?  I have been blogging about how much I can hear since my implant but that is compared to what I used to hear.  I don’t want this to be a negative post about the success of my implant at all but I do think that I should put things into perspective.  What I think is good hearing may not be what a hearing person would think of as good. Perhaps by saying that I can hear well I have influenced peoples perception and that they take it at face value and why wouldn’t they after all?  On the other hand nobody wants to hear a moaning Minnie who has a caveat with every “very well thank you”

To try and demonstrate where my hearing is now I have done a few online hearing tests with my normal bimodal hearing apparatus – that is  an implant in my right ear and hearing aid in my left ear. Both had my normal settings.  On every test I was told that I had a hearing loss.

These are the ones I used. Try them yourselves, especially those of you who have never had a hearing test.

This last one has a graphic display that is similar in appearance to what is seen at the mapping sesssions. Amy plays the different tones back to me and then I tell her when I perceive them to be the same volume. This is quite subjective and difficult to assess.  Of course I haven’t heard the high frequencies for so long that those sounds are hard to tolerate so they may be below the same volume level. Sometimes when the high pitches are too loud I get a sensation in my jaw, this is due to the proximity of the auditory nerve and the facial nerve and sometimes they can get their wires crossed.

I did the test again with my laptop volume the same but with the indicator showing the lowest volume that I can hear each frequency at.  Allowing for the wild differences in testing equipment, ie online test on a notebook at home vs professional test in a lab setting I can see that my hearing has changed since my last map and that my January I will most definitely ready for a new one. At my last mapping all the frequencies were very close to the same level.

Try them out when you have time. I would be interested to hear your results


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  1. [What I think is good hearing may not be what a hearing person would think of as good.] I was shocked when I first tried online hearing tests. I never knew what good hearing sounded like. So clear and easy. I was actually excited to show my coworker a hearing test so he could see what the world sounds like for me. His response, “Oh, that’s sad.” I was surprised because that’s normal to me.

  2. “So clear and easy” — I don’t even want to know! I can imagine what it must be like though, remembering my surprise at putting on glasses for the very first time (I’m slightly short-sighted): What?! Stuff doesn’t simply get blurry at some distance, all bright and clear, just too small to see?!!!

    On a different note, Mog, how do you determine for yourself when it’s time for another mapping?

  3. Wow – that is interesting mog – I did your tests from your first and last links and printed out my orange grid. It is quite different from yours. Then I tried to mimic the placings of your markings to try and “be like you”! Both ends of the spectrum were hugely different to my “normal range” hearing and I found the furthest ones at 45Hz, 60Hx and 90Hz to be painful! I can maybe get a glimpse into your world and see how the nuances of speech patters are difficult, let alone throwing in a bit of background noise into the mix.
    Thank you for your insight – I shall forward these to my brother who takes a head-in-the-sand approach to his hearing loss (as he is entitled to do of course!)

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