snowing- my world tuesday


We have been lucky this year and have only had a little snow – until now.  This started this afternoon and there is the promise of more on Wednesday night into Thursday. With various forecast of snow, slush, rain, ice. We’ll see.

I suppose from now until March I will be mostly blogging about snow. Tis the way of a Canadian blogger.

I can safely say that it falls silently.  There’s a poem about that somewhere. Silently falls the snow. I should google it and report back. I’m sure that snow makes interesting noises when you walk on it so I’m looking forward to finding out about that.

In the meantime, some photos from today. The two of my back yard were taken about an hour apart.







For more images on My World Tuesday, visit here


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  1. Ah, tis the season! I posted about our snow last year just because getting that much snow is quite unusual here in Seattle. Great shots! Think I may need some hot chocolate!

    Enjoy and stay warm!


  2. Wonderful white stuff. I shall miss it this year.

    You are right that your blog will be snow dominated. I know mine was for my two Canuck winters! So keep the pics coming for those of us who only have grey and damp to look forward to.

  3. If you only knew how much I envy you the snow. We get some about once every 11 years if we are lucky and then only for a few minutes or hours.
    I take it you refer to the old German Christmas carol “Leise rieselt der Schnee”….

    • After 3 months of snow the prospect of every 11 years is appealing!

      Thanks for the suggestion for the quotation, it isn’t that one and I can’t find anything on google- sadly

  4. I wish there was snow here, too. We have +10°C, again.

    You know what? When I read “I’m sure that snow makes interesting noises when you walk on it so I’m looking forward to finding out” I just couldn’t figure out why you would write that! I thought: this woman hails from England, how can she write something like that. 🙂

    • It’s minus 6C right now, blue skies and very pretty. I’ll go out for a walk soon and take some photos. England doesn’t get much snow, the couple of inches we have here today would be a lot there. The only sounds I can remember hearing from snow are a crunch when you step on the top layer, the crust, of deep snow.

  5. I wonder what it’s like to have snow on my palm. I dared not go out when snow fell in England some time ago that I was there. I’ll be content with viewing photos of such a beautiful phenomenon for now.

  6. Beautiful photos.
    I love going for a walk when snow falls, it really makes everything more quiet. Sometimes you can hear the hiss the snowflakes make when they fall to the ground, but it needs to be really quiet for that.

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