sibilant sounds and my two front teeth


The S sounds are starting to annoy me which is probably very ungrateful of me considering that they are very high frequency sounds and I should be chuffed to blazes to be able to hear them. The problem is that they make my front teeth hurt. Like fingernails on a blackboard – apparently.

This is the case especially when I am watching  TV. We’ve tried to adjust the sound on the set so that they are less intrusive but with no luck so the only alternatives are to either turn the volume down or to put up with it.  Usually I put up with it as long as possible and then turn the TV down a little.  I’ve been able to make out a fair bit of the TV now without captions which is bloody marvellous and I presume that the addition of all those extra S type consonants is contributing to that. So I guess I need to learn to live with the teeth effect. Maybe it wears off after a while??

Does anyone know??


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  1. Hmmm…don’t think I’d be looking forward to this sound/sensation! It’s bad enough when someone scrapes a knife on a plate (pre-hearing loss)…euuwwww!

    I would be interested to know if things improve with time – I assume that the brain would adjust?

  2. I remember asking a patient to note what was the most surprising thing about using a hearing aid for the first time (he was very deaf). I expected all sorts of heart-warming tales, but after a week his remark was ‘God, I’m noisy when I go for a pee!’.

    He was a political Diplomat living in Scotland…but he wasn’t tremendously diplomatic that day! However he got over the first few weeks and never looked back.

    You will too!….but don’t forget to note these comments down for when you next meet your specialist…..a diary-form is best, so progress can be noted.

    Good luck

    • I find it odd though that I have had the CI activated now for almost 5 months and its only now that these frequencies are bothering me. I’ll definitely be talking about this at the next mapping, I’m a little concerned that it might mean an underlying problem though.

    • lol, I gave up soaps some years ago. It’s not so much about lessening the pleasures of TV watching, after all I can easily turn the volume down and read the captions. It’s more about if I do that then I’m not moving forwards.

  3. Hi Mog,

    At five months, you are still a CI hearing infant. You may experience changes (mostly positive) for years. Gaining the S sound is great progress – you might become adjusted to it, or it might be time for a new mapping. The nerve is awakening!!! It took me a lot longer to notice the S.

    Of course you are right not to rule out an underlying problem and we hope that isn’t the case. When my allergies were messing with my hearing, it was really challenging for a while trying to get things under control. There was probably inflammation in my cochlea or around the aural nerve and my hearing went from being really good to voices sounding like Darth Vader. It was frustrating. I have had it back under control for a year now with allergy medication.

    I hope you don’t have to wait too long to see your audiologist. From your posts, it sounds like you are doing really well.


    • Thanks Glenice, That’s reassuring and makes sense. I missed my mapping appt in December, my own fault, and I don’t have one until Jan 22nd now. I think I should email my audiologist and see what she says. I did some work on listening to plurals, the S sounds at the end of words and maybe that woek the nerve up as you say.

    • Duh, you’d think I would have noticed…..

      She sells sea shells on the sea shore but the sea shells she sells are not sea shells I’m sure

  4. what caring people they are who make comments for you, so helpful. Haha have you tried (I split the sheet and the sheet split me splitten was the sheet that was split by me). naughty!!!

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