I’ve been tweeked — a new map


I went to Sunnybrook yesterday to get the S sounds sorted out. I blogged about them here, the high pitched S sounds were making my teeth hurt.  The audiologist went through all the frequencies adjusting each one trying to get them all to the same volume. As the frequencies get higher my tolerance for volume goes down. The very highest frequency electrode, No12, was painful at any volume, it was painful even when I couldn’t hear it.  This happens when the electrical stimulus also stimulates the adjacent facial nerve.

The remedy was to switch the 12th electrode off and then make some adjustments to the other electrodes to try to give some of the clarity of speech that the higher frequencies give.

The result? My new map is great. I haven’t noticed any sore teeth today and I seem to be hearing very well.  I can hear the sound of  a ceiling fan and today I noticed that my jeans make a noise when I walk. Actually its the noise of my fat little legs bashing against each other as I waddle along but I prefer to blame the denim.


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  1. Oh Joy! I’m glad you didn’t have to wait to get things adjusted. What a great way to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year!

    I have a new map too on my right ear. There were some big changes this time and it is tolerating a lot more sound. She also made me a music map that is awesome. I’m hoping to try it out at church on Christmas Eve – if we make it. We are under a storm watch!

    Enjoy your new sound and pain free teeth!

    • Hi Glenice, you new map sounds great, I think this new map I have will be better for music for me, but early days yet. I think that storm you are waiting for will be the one heading to us after you have finished with it. As long as it arrives on Christmas Day when we are holed up indoors with heat, food and drink all will be well
      Have a Happy Christmas

  2. I am so pleased to read this.
    May I wish all your fellow bloggers/commentors A VERY HEALTHY AND HAPPY CHRISTMASTIME AND NEW YEAR as I can see how their interest and comments have helped you along the way.

  3. “All I want for Chris(ow)tmas(ow) is (ow) my two front teeth” … to not hurt.

    Glad you got that wish at least!

    ‘ve enjoyed your blog a lot over the past year. Have a great holiday and I hope 2010 brings even more improvements.

    Steve P.

  4. Sounds like I wont miss the 12th electrode then! (they managed to implant 10 out of 12 electrodes – of course, I don’t know which frequencies I miss out on). Glad you got rid of the teeth grating noise though.

    Have a wonderful (noisy?) Christmas!! (and yes, it’ll definitely be the denim!)

      • Happy Christmas, i am glad all seems well for you. I have been thinking about you a lot.
        I am so glad the implants are working. Noisy Denim can be a huge problem though, I suggest we don’t try courdroy pants.

        • HI Wanderful, good to see you on here. I drive past your place on my way to Sunnybrook, maybe I could call by one day if you aren’t working?

  5. I would love to see you, I am still working part time. Happy New Year, I am very pleased things are going well with the implants.

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