when you do a flounce remember to take your handbag with you


I’ve written a great deal about how much I can now do with the implant, how much I can hear and take part in things more fully.  It’s marvellous but of course I am still hard of hearing even with the implant.

It’s all relative. If hearing is on a scale of 1 to 10 and you start at 1 with full hearing and end up at 5 you are going to be pretty annoyed. If you start at 9 to end up at 5 then you are going to be pretty impressed. As we know I am amongst the pretty impressed and I decided that now I can hear better I might be able to participate in some evening classes.  I decided on Tai Chi.

I used to do this back in London and enjoyed it, you don’t really need to hear really as you should watch and copy rather than be instructed.  I found out about some local classes and off I went to one class, this was just before Christmas. Now I wasn’t really expecting much, small town vs capital city etc etc, and it was ok but had nothing of the intensity and latent strength that I had found  at previous classes but I fought back my inner snob and said I would go back again and give it a try.

That trial was last night. The class was ok.  (BTW MLM came too and declared it not for him). I could hear some of the instructions – for there were some – if I turned my CI up a notch. Thank goodness that I couldn’t really hear any of the “witty” banter. For some stupid reason they stop 30 minutes before the end of class to have tea and cookies.  Green tea, yuck. Then they start again for 10 minutes, what the chuff is that all about? Why not work for another 10 then stop for a chat? 

That’s not why I am writing this. Im writing it because  when we were all sat around being “sociable”  some woman I have never met before and hope never to meet again spoke to me in the patronising tones reserved for the elderly, the disabled and foreigners. She then decides to announce to the group that we should all project our voices so that some of us can hear – she’s pointing at me at this stage.  I try and stop her by saying “No, no” and when I say no I mean NO.  Oh she says. I didn’t mean it about anyone in particular. Oh yeah madam? why not make it worse eh?  Well FFS I decided to flounce out. A full flounce from one side of the hall to another.  MLM followed – he’s used to my funny little ways. 

A good flounce is ruined if you have to go back and collect your handbag from under the table.

I left my hat too.


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  1. Am I allowed to be laughing at the vision of you stomping back across the hall? I am, of course, fully absorbing the whole story – but you have made me giggle again. Patronising indeed. Why do people assume so much? Why not quietly and politely enquire if you are getting on OK – rather than just take it themselves to announce to the world what they think is a great plan of action!?

  2. hee hee!! I think that there’s nothing worse than a failed flounce!! 😉 But urgh – how patronising!!!! I had to grit my teeth the other day when someone commented on how well I spoke – it was meant as a compliment of course, but it does bug me!!

  3. If it wasn’t for credit cards I would have left the purse myself, or sent MLM back for it in a suitable disguise. As for the class and instuctions (you know I am in denile about bad my hearing loss is), I take part in yoga classes and when the teacher says close your eyes and relax it does not go well form me. I cannot relax there withmy eyes closed as she keeps on talking and I cannot hear with my eyes closed. I have to keep my eyes open so I can mimic the movements of others in the room. Even then i get the rights and lefts backwards.

    have you tried another class?

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