Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday watching Carmen, another NY Metropolitan Opera live screening.  It truly was amazing.  Superb staging, acting, dancing.  Elīna Garanča was stunning, that woman can sing and dance and act – all at the same time. Roberta Alagna was cute . The guy who sang the Toreador Song- Habanero – was an understudy. He had 3 hours notice to sing and was amazing. This is how it might have been if another understudy had been chosen……

CI Notes: I could hear  the between act interviews just fine, those opera singers know how to enunciate, I could even make out some of the sung French words. The music was pretty good in tone but lacked depth and there is still a tinny radio in the head feel to the sound. 

I’ve spent a few hours seraching for a video of the production for you. I wanted one of the same singers and of course the stage set so you could get an idea of what it was we saw  – experienced.  These are some scenes  from Carmen, stills only unfortunately, my apologies if you can’t hear it. I’m sitting here without any ear gadgets in so MLM is listening for me as I can hear nothing. Even with the CI the sound on the laptop is terrible for me and it won’t be perfect for the hearies either. Speaker limitations and all. I wanted to share that’s all.


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  1. Glad you had such an amazing day. And thanks for sharing! I’m listening on my laptop with just the CI and I’m far away from understanding anything. But I can hear them singing and even tell voices apart. (Now, please, don’t tell me there’s only one singer in it 😉 )

  2. Beeker at his best!

    Great post, Mog and I earlier got lost in youtube video after youtube video from it… and neglected to comment! I love Carmen so got swept away!

    I’m thrilled that you had such a wonderful time! I’ve been under a rock for a while so this may sound out of the loop (cos I am!) but was this a Cineplex/NY Met thingy? And if so… I’m guessing you’d say get my ass there?

  3. I think this last mapping I had was more effective than I realized. It doesn’t matter what music I’m listening to, everything I have listened to today, from “The Monkees” singing “Daydream Believer” to the pieces you posted above, is all moving me to tears. I have been listening 8 years on the left and 2 years on the right and it is still getting better.

    Thanks for sharing Mog, I might end up an opera fan!

  4. Ah– I’ve been a big opera fan for years, and Carmen is one of my favorites. Have seen it many times. Glad you’re doing so well with your CI!! 🙂

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