6 months tests and mapping


Yesterday I had my 6 month mapping and check appointment.

I’ve been having a few problems again with the S noises and teeth pain as well as with squeaky noises such as wheelchairs and creaky hinges. Yes I know it’s amazing to hear them in the first place and it does seem churlish to complain but there’s a limit as to what one can tolerate in the hope that the body gets used to it.

The audiologist has a CD with various environmental sounds on it and she played this so that I could identify which sounds were causing the problems. Once I said “oh yes there it is she was able to assess which frequencies and then do some tweaking on the map. It does seem more comfortable now.

I had hoped for a map that would help listening to recorded music better but it seems that the map I have is already the best for music. I remember now that Amy had said before that as music is so complex that if the map is setup to cope with music then it can cope with everything else. On the Med- El this is called Fine tuning. It is great for high quality speaker but not so good for ordinary ones. So maybe sometime soon MLM and I will go into the audio shop and listen to some systems and decide if the one we can afford is good enough to purchase. I want to be able to have music playing in the background while I potter around the house. In this instance I probably am being a little greedy with my expectations of the CI.

The tests were better than at the 3 month assessment with 100% for most of them and in the mid 90s for the quiet sounds and those with background noise. I know that I was guessing more in the tests that I scored lower on. I also know from last week that listening in background noise is a problem. – We have a new bit of kit at work and some intensive training has been happening, many people talking at once, trying to listen to a speaker who wasn’t directly in front of you etc etc. I could hear much better than before but even so it was still rather trying…It’s a good job I work with good people who look after me.

Anyway at my next appointment we are going to look at FM systems. I used to have some Phonak Savia aids with FM shoes

and the Smartlink system and I think Amy is going to look and see if they can be connected somehow to the CIs. If so this would be great for work, or maybe new FM shoes on the CI would link to the Smartlink?

It wouldn’t look very pretty but who cares?

On the way back we took the pretty route but I had forgotten my camera and so today we are going back to take some more pictures for the blog.  Here are a couple that I took on the cellphone, a little preview if you will.

Frozen LakeSnow truck

The first is a frozen lake, if you look closely you can see the ice fishing huts. Crazy people sit for hours in frozen temperatures fishing through a hole drilled in the ice. Beer is involved.

The second is a truck full of snow. The city/municipality/township scoops up the snow and takes it away to a snow dump. Or maybe even Vancouver for the Olympics, they need snow there.


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  1. Hi Mog,

    Have fun shopping for your sound system. I hope you find something you really like.

    We had a frosty day here and I posted a slide show. I had a lot of fun walking around on that white, frosty day practicing with my camera. I walked out on our local frozen lake that has one ice hut on it.


  2. Frozen Lake? Wood Stove? Twenty feet of cold water under you just waiting to melt? Even with the alchol involved it does not sound fun (and I a seasoned Canadian)

    It sounds like you are enjoying you new world. I am looking forward to seeing you and talking about it.


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