today’s walk


Cold and icy

So I wore these shoe spikes which are supposed to help grip on the ice, but today’s ice was too hard for them to bite into.

A chilly place for a bush party. Maybe they were looking for ice? The bottle still has some vodka in it. At least we thought it was vodka as the liquid wasn’t frozen.

In the end we gave up, too cold and slippy. The wind was bitter. What my Dad would have called a  lazy wind; too idle to go round you so it goes straight through you.  On the way home we stopped at a store and discovered all sorts of British goodies in there, Thornton’s chocolates and toffee, Bird’s custard, licorice Catherine wheels, Blackjacks, fruit pastilles, and…. wait for it, Spotted Dick. Ah bliss.


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  1. I too like your Dad’s ‘lazy wind’ description.

    Strange… I went to a grocery store yesterday and they had this new ‘British Foods’ section. British food is relatively easy to get in Victoria but this new section had all sorts of new stuffs – Thornton’s choccies stood out! – and all gathered together instead of mixed in on the shelves like normal… weird… oh and the section was decorated for Chinese New Year…. ? lol…

    Great photos and brrr, it does look cold!

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