telephone saga continues


Have made many phone calls and managed pretty well for most of them including taking down numbers, messages etc. Repeating it all back to make sure it noted it down correctly.

Two scabby callers stand out…………..

One said he would call back when I asked him to repeat speaking more clearly and slowly.

The second said I should get someone else to talk to her when she was asked to speak more clearly and slowly

Both were doctors

Both were hard to understand by the “normal” person who ended up speaking to them.


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  1. That’s outrageous Mog, some people’s lack of empathy takes your breath away. I don’t know what they’ve been teaching them at medical school! Sounds like you’re doing so much better with everyone else on the phone though, keep going.

  2. Good job Mog.

    Sometimes the person using a hearing impaired person’s impairment as an excuse for their inadequacy is not at the other end of a phone connection. At my last office job, the person delegating work to me said I must of misunderstood him when he got called out for sending an email transmission before it was suppose to go out and I had checked with him three times while looking right at his face. He was using my hearing impairment to cover his mistake. He knew it and I knew it and I was P.O’d. I didn’t stay at that position much longer after that. In retrospect, I wish I had confronted him or met with the manager.

    It is aggravating because there are quite a few CI users whose hearing booth scores are as high as what is considered “normal hearing.” Normal or not, even when we are doing quite well we take the blame for poor communication even though we have gone so far as to have surgery and practice rehab to hear again. It is quite irritating when people can’t even make a little effort to meet us half way. Huh, a little venting there!

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. I do find it outrageous that trained healthcare professionals should behave in such a way, you have to pity their patients. There’s no-one to complain to either as doctors here are not health service employees and I really have no idea what you would do if you had issues with one of them.

    Glenice your comment is very true and fits with what I have been thinking about in terms of strategy. One thing is that I need to rephrase what I say when I talk to people. ie, just ask them to slow down a little and not mention the speaking clearly thing. This could annoy/insult/baffle them. As to whether I mention the hearing loss,well sometimes that is an own goal and gives the (scabby) caller an advantage rather than giving the (decent) caller information to help the conversation.

    Needs some thought and some more practice.

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