stress makes me deaf


I’ve been rather tired and stressed out lately, a life not going as you would like it to go thing.  I’ve noticed that I can’t hear very well when I’m like this. I can still hear the sounds through my implant but my brain sometimes just can’t seem to make out what the words are.  Something similar happened  I when I was lipreading more with hearing aids but it seems much more alarming when it happens now. I suppose that now the expectations are greater and the difference between what I can understand normally and what I can understand when “tired” is greater.

Anyway it sucks.


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  1. (((hugs))) to you and hope you feel less stessed/tired soon. Fully understand what you’re getting at – not fun and the stress of ‘hearing’ is more tiring ..and so it goes on….

  2. Sorry the stress is bothering you. Can totally relate to what you said about lip reading and hearing aids. On the bright side, it does sound like you’re hearing really well with your CI most the time now.

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