throw away comments….


…..are the worst. They reveal much more than a well thought out phrase.

Caitlin Moran in The Times lists deaf charities as one of the causes she won’t give money to.

What other charities won’t I donate to? Ones dealing with heritage (posh people can take care of castles), maritime (I don’t hold with yachting), wildlife (donkeys, budgies, pandas – you’re all the same to me: very poor dinner-party company), and the deaf (is it really that bad?).

The rest of her article is here

Having said that it was a throw away comment it probably wasn’t. Ms Moran writes for a living so one would expect her to have considered every word and its potential impact.   I don’t really know, do I care, should I care? After all it was only a humorous column hardly editorial comment. I do care that she apparently sees helping  deaf people below helping donkeys – “is it really that bad?”  Would she have written the same about donating to other charities for people with disabilities? The RNIB? MS? Mencap? WarAmps? perhaps?

We all have reasons for chosing which charities we donate too but is Ms Moran typical in having flippant reasons for not chosing a charity? Is she typical, are deaf people really considered the bottom of the charity heap?


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  1. I found the article and read it. I can only assume that she is totally ignorant of the deaf and wouldn’t last even a few hours like your friend that tried wearing earplugs to find his empathy for those with hearing loss. I didn’t like the article.

  2. Well, we do have our kinds of blinders on, don’t we? Rationally assessing and ranking people’s afflictions is a horrible business. But if I had to choose between charities who focus on people who e.g. are starving, don’t have enough doctors, who lost their home and belongings in fire/floods/war, abused children etc. I would choose them over those who focus on the deaf.
    Wouldn’t that also be a form of inclusion, not to make up separate charities for the deaf?
    By the way, I don’t think any of the above necessarily denies that acquired deafness is terrible.

    • I don’t dislike the whole article, nor do I have any problem with Moran apart from her flippant disregard of deafness “Is it really that bad?” Yes it is, and Glenice you are right to wonder, would she try a day as a deaf person just to see how bad it is?? Who knows. Maybe I will email her and see. Very few people even attempt it let alone manage it so kudos and thanks to Rob and Judy for trying.

      People often chose charities for personal reasons, they know someone affected by an illness, circumstances. It’s not that I think preferring other charities to deaf charities is wrong, what I see as wrong, and very annoying is dismissing deafness by asking “is it really that bad?”.

  3. MOG– I have to agree. Her remark, “Is it really that bad?” upset me, not that I care who she donates to, but her article was insensitive and showed poor judgment.

  4. How appalling!!! Surely deaf people over your way are up in arms! I agree with Kim – it’s not the fact that we care which charities Moran donates to – its the remark “Is it really that bad?” What an insensitive remark – I’m sure she would think differently if she was in that boat…who knows, she may be one day… (eg ageing)

    • Hi Fran, the article is in the London Times so I doubt that many Canadians have read it to be up in arms about it. I only did as I am British and occasionally browse the online pages, though usually it’s the Guardian. I’m not sure whether or not her comment would count as harassment under the DDA.

  5. I was sneakily reading this at work the other day and forgot to come back to comment. Mmmm, very throw away. You could “excuse” her for being thoughtless, but a journalist’s words are rarely thoughtless. Sloppy, tasteless and crass, but not thoughtless. Cheeky cow. Try it for a day.

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