implantable hearing aids


There’s an implantable hearing aid around now.  I wonder if anyone knows more about it?  I have a few queries about it mainly wondering how it compares to a CI. It still uses the cilia in the cochlear to relay sound, so how does this work with recruitment, or with dead cells. If you have one of these implants does it then mess things up if you need a CI in the future??

The idea of a non visible permanent hearing aid is great, you would be able to listen to the radio as you go off to sleep, hear alarm clocks, go swimming and still hear. I just wonder what the draw backs are.  I hope that some will benefit from them


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  2. Implantable HAs have been around for some time, at least this side of the pond. They are for people with (more or less) intact inner ears/hair cells as they intervene in the middle ear. So they are either for people with light or moderate hearing loss or for those with “sound-conduction-loss” (if that’s the word for problems in the middle ear).
    So if your hair cells are dead or if you have other problems there that entail recruitment, they are not for you. (Though you might have limited benefit).
    I don’t know if there would be problems when you want/need a CI later. My guess would be no.

    • Hey, NQLB, thanks for the quick reply and knowing the answers too. The implantations that I have heard about were in the UK and I haven’t heard of any here yet.

      All progress on ways to fix hearing loss is good news

  3. I’ve had questions about those myself. A big plus would be not having to wear ear molds. From what I hear, they are only for moderately HH. Leaves a gaping hole for those of us who don’t quite qualify for the CI.

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