closing down


I’m closing this blog down.  I’m busier with work, the garden is calling me, I’ve run out of new things to say about the CI, and most importantly I’m less angry and less in need of an outlet for that anger.

I’m probably going to start a new blog  just about life in this area, some photos, some trivia and maybe the occasional hearing loss reference.

So thank you for reading my stuff, for commenting, for becoming my cyber friends.


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  1. At least you’re closing for the right reasons – and hope to see you on your new blog! I’ve always watched out for new postings. Sorry I missed you the other day on FB!

  2. I had thought as much. I kinda feel the same. The reason for the blog has run it’s course. I don’t know what to do now, so I plod on, but I do think you are right to call an end to this one. It’s been an education for me for sure.

    I look forward to your new blog about life in Ontario.

  3. Glad everything’s coming more into balance Mog. Can see why the garden’s calling you and I’m jealous. We had another light sprinkling of snow in Scotland today, so I get a vicarious pleasure from seeing everyone’s sunny flower pics!

  4. Sorry to read this, but I know we will keep in touch elsewhere. I certainly understand and have quit and restarted blogs myself. Life constantly changes.

  5. So sorry to hear this. I enjoy reading your blog. But all the best for you for the future.

    I’m doing dsome changes in my life too. One will be closing my hoh forum down. As much as I would like to continue it, I know it’s not going to work, and my heart is not into it anymore. But I will keep writing my blog though. But I’m working on a new venture too so I need to put my energy into that.

  6. All the best, but sorry to see no more posts in your blog. I’ve made changes myself, which involved closing down a forum.

    I have a new blog set up recently which will go along with my new website later, as I’m selling cards in my spare time. Hopefully 2 or 3 years down the line I will be able to drop my hours with current employer or leave altogether and be self employed.

    My hoh blog I will keep going but how my posts I will post in between. I don’t know yet.

    Will you be leaving your blog for the world to see? Or will it disappear altogether?

    I plan to keep mine in cyberspace, even if I turn out in the future to not post on it.

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