summer and my CI


It’s 10 months since my implant was activated last July and I’ve become so used to it that I sometimes forget what it used to be like without it.

The summer has arrived and I am hearing new sounds, sounds that I heard last year immediately post implant but now I hear the same sounds differently.  Birds sound more bird like, more musical. The seagull sounds like a seagull should. The crickets chirp away at night and I can hear them through the open windows when I am indoors.  An interesting piece of  trivia is that they hear with their knees. Their tympanic membrane is in their knees on their front legs, which I suppose being front legs wouldn’t be a knee at all.

Anyway back on track. What makes this summer for me?  The birds singing, water lapping on stones, the leaves being rustled in the wind, the blinds in the sunroom bashing against the open window in the breeze, wind chimes, footsteps on gravel, bees buzzing.  Sounds still to hear? Chipmunks chattering, loons calling, coyotes howling, mosquitoes buzzing.

It will come though.


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  1. Hi Mog
    Do you hear a few birds or does feel more, like a dawn chorus?

    I’m just wondering, as still wear hearing aids (not ci) and I hear a few, but not like I remember before I was deaf.

    • Good point, with my HAs I could only hear pigeons and sometimes crows. When I first had the CI I could hear noises that I knew were birds but couldn’t differentiate different songs. Now it’s a dawn chorus thing, plus I can make out different songs, blackbirds, woodpeckers. I have a book that plays the bird song alongside a description of the bird so I can match them up. It’s a very sweet sound to hear.

  2. Sigh– This is so awesome and wonderful. I have lived in the woods with squirrels running about for the past 25 years. A couple years ago my kids were talking about how noisy they were. I had no idea. I have never heard them and many other sounds. It’s possible I heard a squirrel when I was a kid, but over time you just forget that certain things make sounds or what it sounds like. Hearing about what YOU hear makes me excited about the possibility of hearing sounds like that again when I finally qualify for an implant. With my newer aids I do hear more birds that I used to and it’s so lovely to be up in the morning to hear that. But I still don’t hear everything.

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