annoyed with MedEl


I’m annoyed with MedEl, very annoyed.

My CI has had a problem with the cable going from the speech processor to the coil so I used the spare supplied by them and asked about how I get the faulty one replaced.

Would you believe it’s out of warranty? The warranty on it is 30 days. yes you read that correctly 30 days! If I buy a crappy radio for $10 then it’s guaranteed for 12 months but a medical device that should have been tested to within and inch of its life and be a tad reliable has 30 days? Ridiculous

A new cable will cost me $50. Bah humbug.


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  1. I would be pissed too. The CI and hearing aid need to be held accountable for this kind of stuff. It’s inexcusable! Of course you have no choice but to get a new cable! And is it REALLY worth 50 dollars?? I doubt it. I believe everything associated with any of this equipment is way over priced. It’s immoral!

  2. I know rules are rules, but sometimes my audiologist is able to talk to the company about these sorts of things for one specific patient and convince them to make an exception. Maybe have your audiologist call and try?

    But yes, that is crazy! I didn’t realize the warranties varied from country-to-country.

  3. Crazy stuff..
    Thanks for commenting on my blog post. I can see the difference between people not hearing and people not paying attention, Mog. For sure.

    My S.O. has a hearing loss of 30%. All his life. It’s why he didn’t do all that well in French school (gov’t and all!).
    I am very aware, as both parents had hearing aids, too. The people who sit in meetings on computers and don’t pay attention are much different and stick out like sore thumbs. That said, I got in trouble at being at a conference, and researching a point a speaker made. I was told off after the meeting for being on the computer. I can listen to someone and type, and follow what they are saying!

  4. I don’t know about the coil cable warranty in Spain, but they should build a stronger cable.

    My kid has only 4 years old and I have to replace it very often.
    If not, should be good if any supplier could sell the same cable unbranded.


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