hmm new loos are important


Emailing between a music venue and me

Mog wrote:

Please let me know what faciltities you have for hearing aid and cochlear implant users.  Are all seats suitable?

Arts Festival Theatre  wrote:


We do not have facilities for hearing aid or cochlear implant users – I am sorry.  The Barn is a timberframed venue with a central cushioned seat section and wings (with hard plastic folding chairs) on either side of the stage. The majority of our concerts are classical music. visit our website for more information.

Thank you for your inquiry .

Mog wrote:
Do you have any plans to install such devices??
Arts Festival Theatre wrote:
We do not at this time have plans for these devices.  We are still working on proper toilets instead of porta potties.

Mog wrote:
That’s very disappointing and upsetting to be excluded from a venue


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  1. Mog! What do you expect from a small-town farming community that’s trying so hard to become the next poshy village for the Torontonians to enjoy during weekends like what they do in Warkworth, Millbrook, and Picton?

    Frankly, I’m not too surprised with the answers that you’ve received.

    Stratford barely has something sufficient for those with a hearing loss. And, that’s suppose to be the best theatre town in Canada!

    • Ah, but at least Stratford replied to my email immediately and outlined what they did have. Which seemed pretty good to me actually.

      The Arts Barn? they think it’s more important for ‘normal’ people to pee and poo in comfort than it is for hard of hearing people to have access.

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