hotels and accessibility for deaf, hearing impaired, deafened, Deaf people


I’ve stayed in a couple of hotels recently one in New York state and one in Ontario and asked both receptions what they provided for us so that we would know if the fire alarms were activated

The family owned hotel in NY state said they would give us a room near reception and come and get us if the alarms went off. This was okish, but it meant that we couldn’t put a chain on the door.

The major international chain hotel -newly renovated – in Ottawa said we should have asked for an accessible room. Duh?  Why? I don’t need to take an accessible room from someone who needs mobility access.  10% of people in Canada describe themselves as hearing impaired or deaf, 25% say they have some hearing loss. That’s a lot of accessible rooms that they need to provide.

So, we had nothing apart from my hearing husband and a spare key for my mum’s room so we could go and get her. Oh and the TV closed captions didn’t work with the remote provided so we had to make a fuss about that to get those up and working. This meant that we could not access the pay per view movies.  More substandard service for the hearing impaired/deaf/Deaf.

In my ideal world all rooms in all buildings will be accessible to all of us without our having to ask for special rooms and treatment. Architects  and designers can put their highly trained minds to work and deal with this so that it becomes the norm.  Multinational chains can spend some money making the environment inclusive for all.

Of course I’ve emailed the hotel chain to get their comments, I’ll blog the reply.


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  2. I should have blogged back about this, the hotel replied very apologetic and said that they did have suitable equipment but as the receptionist didn’t know then they were at fault for not haveing adequate training. We also have a voucher for a free night there.


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