back to the movies, first time with a CI


It has been a long, long time since I went to the movies and enjoyed watching without the aid of captions/subtitles.  Last weekend MLM and I went to see Harry Potter and it was just fab. Really great movie and I reckon I could understand almost all of it – which is great as I reckon that people with regular hearing don’t pick up every word.

The volume was loud, very loud so I had to turn my hearing aid off and turn the volume down on my CI. I also had it on the T switch and microphone setting. This was by accident really as it’s hard to see in the dark and the remote does not have a read out of which setting you have selected. Anyroad I discovered this after the event and  it had worked just fine.

Afterwards we went out to a noisy restaurant for a meal, that worked just fine too.  Sometimes I forget I have a CI and only later realise the difference, the before and after effects.


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  1. Yay – good for you – great to have a night out and if the film was good too, well that’s the bonus. My eldest is busting to see this movie.

    I always think the volume at the cinemas for all movies is always set far too high anyway – I think I’d like to turn it down if I could. Sounds like you found the perfect balance, inadvertently or not!

    Do you almost find it hard to recall some of those “before” days now?

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