18 months in


Well I went up to Sunnybrook yesterday to see Amy.  She assessed how well I hear the higher sounds – the Ss and Ts  for example- and then made a new map to help me hear those sounds better.  One of the methods she used to assess how I heard the different frequencies was to get me to describe how the the beep sounded. Was it a buzz?  a beep?, did it sound like a microwave binging? or a banging on a pipe? One of them sounded like a pigeon, another like a bird in the distance. It’s strangely satisfying to be able to describe and compare sounds, it gives you a nice smug feeling.

I’ve been using the new programme and have noticed that when I am in the sitting room I can hear the sizzling of pork chops I am cooking for dinner.  I seem to be able to hear the TV better and earlier today I was listening to the radio easily.

Watching House on TV now and Cuddy just kissed House, it sounded sloppy. There could be some eeeooougg moments with this new programme.



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