testing, testing, my week as a lab rat


I’ve spent a week as a research subject for Med-El in North Carolina. Of course I should have blogged about this sooner but various events have conspired to keep me away from my blog. Better late than never.

Sunnybrook told me that Med-El  wanted subjects with Med-El CIs and preserved hearing to help with their research into better hearing strategies and maps.  Well why not?  I would be able to take the time from work and MLM would be able to come with me so off we went.  There would be no direct and or immediate benefit to my hearing but, and this is the big but, I wouldn’t be where I am today if others hadn’t given their time and energy to research. It seems only right and proper to me that if you can then you should.

We flew down from Toronto to Durham via LaGuardia in NYC, amazing views from the plane.

We stayed in a hotel near to the Med El offices and drove in for testing from 9 to 5 on most days.  The tests were similar to those that I have had done at Sunnybrook with  sounds and sentences to hear and interpret/comment on. Just more of them, many more of them. Strangely tiring even with the many breaks and chats we had.

The people at Med-El are just super. Friendly, welcoming, helpful, organised. It was impressive to meet so many people -scientists, audiologists, admin, who were dedicated to helping us hear better. It’s really rather lovely actually.

When I was visiting I had planned to be more detailed about the tests and processes but I don’t think it’s necessary. I came away full of confidence in MedEl and the technology behind my implant and hopeful that I’ve contributed to improving the CI experience.



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