back in Blighty


I’ve recently returned from a holiday in England, back home in Good Old Blighty. This was my first visit since cyborgdom so there were many people to impress with my new hearing.

I think I did impress them too.  Some accents were difficult to follow especially those that came with mumbling and speaking through what seemed to be clenched teeth.  I’ve often thought that it was easier to lip read in Canada and now I’m certain. That legendary British stiff upper lip is more a lack of facial movement that is very hard to follow.  Still – mustn’t grumble;).  I even managed a couple of phone calls and some TV without captions. 

My implant did me proud. I could hear the announcements on the tube and in railway stations, have easy conversations in crowded restaurants, and city streets.  On the plane I put the headphones over the speech processor microphone and I could hear well enough to follow some of the TV.  I didn’t bother with the movies -my attention span isn’t long enough to deal with them.

Catching up with family and friends back home is always lovely but this time it was especially lovely to be able to hear and join in just the same as everyone else.


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  1. I bet they were impressed – sounds like you had a really rewarding trip.

    Would love to hear about your thoughts generally about your trip back (by other methods as necessary!) – and how you have viewed ol’ Blighty through new eyes, so to speak!

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