a little nervous


I’m feeling a little distracted and nervous today. Tomorrow I’m booked in for laser trabeculoplasty for glaucoma. It’s a short, painless out-patient procedure to relieve the pressure in my eyes.  It has a 75% chance of working and if not then there are drops that will work. So I suppose it’s no biggie but, but I guess it’s the whole idea of damage to my eyesight.

Hey ho.

How about a photo?


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  1. I would be nervous too. But my nervousness would include me being awake. Its not something I’d like the thought of. Will you be awake or asleep?

    I send you best wishes your way Mog. Speedy recovery.

  2. Ooh – I missed this – I hope everything went really well – and your eyes are doing fine.

    Have a very happy Christmas week mog – sending a virtual wave and mince pie to you from Alberta!!


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