eyes update


Well, a little tardy in updating my last post.

The eye thing was ok. Not very pleasant but tolerable. The blurb said that it wouldn’t hurt, that some patients felt a burning sensation. This patient found it painful and more like a blunt knife sensation. Next time I have to have this I’ll be prepared and it won’t be as bad.

Two friends came along with me as MLM had to be somewhere else.  They had to wait in an outer waiting room while I had to wait all alone in an inner waiting area. Standing room only for the first 40 minutes.   Drops applied to the eyes then into the room. Explanations in a dimly lit room followed by another wait in a brightly lit room for an hour before they could check my intra-ocular pressure. 

I wore sunglasses in the bright room and was so thankful  that I had my implant in the dimly lit room. Explainations and lipreading and nerves are not a good combination. 

So, my post laser eye pressures were OK and now I’m waiting for a follow up appointment in January.



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